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Morning Latchkey Program Image

Morning Latchkey Program

The Morning Latchkey program provides a safe learning environment for children in grades K-5 who need the assistance of a before school program.

Our Purpose

The Morning Latchkey's mission is to provide a safe learning environment for children who are in grades K-5 and who, due to parents work schedules or other life challenges, need the assistance of a before school program. The Morning Latchkey will design a curriculum that will increase: developmental skills, self-esteem, and positive behaviors that aid children in making sound healthy choices for their futures.

Our Philosophy

The staff uses an open, child-centered approach to learning. Each child is encouraged to explore, learn, contribute, question, and grow in his/her own way. Every child is respected and appreciated as a unique individual and is dealt with as a total being, developing at his or her own rate educationally.

Hours of Operation

Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday
Morning Care: 6:30 am - 8:15 am
On location at Bordewich Bray Elementary School, Empire Elementary & Mark Twain Elementary School

*The Morning Latchkey Program will be closed on all school holidays, snowy days, faculty in days, or any other time the school is not open.

Download the application.


The Participant must be enrolled in grades K-5 at Bordewich Bray Elementary School and or Mark Twain Elementary School. The Salvation Army Morning Latchkey Program reserves the right to refuse to provide services when the needs of the child cannot be met by this program. The child must also be in good physical health and up to date on immunizations.

*Space is limited; therefore priority will be given to children who meet the following criteria:

1. Parent or guardian must be scheduled to work during the Morning Latchkey's hours of operation.

2. Single or dual parent/guardian family unit with no other known morning care provider, including, but not limited to: Parks & Recreation, daycare, grandparents/family, etc.

3. Unaccompanied children left alone on the school grounds before regular drop-off hours (as designated by the Carson City School District or School staff) due to parent's inability to afford the average cost before school care based on their income and expenses.

4. Families that are in high-risk situations of needing before school care for more than one child, and are in need of affordable care based on their income and expenses because of family unit size.


Payments must be made at the time of the child's enrollment. There is a registration fee of $10 and a monthly fee of $20.00 for the first child/per month. The maximum monthly fee per family is $70.00, $35.00 for 2 children, and $50.00 for 3 children, $65 for 4 and $70 for more than 4.

Payments can be made with cash, money order or personal check. Checks must be made payable to The Salvation Army, re: Morning Latchkey Program. All returned checks with NSF will be charged a $50.00 fee, in addition to the amount of the check.  After the first occurrence, parents will revert to a cash-only basis for payments.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is limited and available to qualified participants. Parent(s) must schedule an appointment with The Salvation Army's Social Services office at 661 Colorado Street, Carson City to verify qualification. If approved, the result will be a pro-rated payment.  No program fee payment will be entirely waived, as there needs to be some contribution and investment in the operation of the program.


All forms must be properly completed and on file at the Morning Latchkey program facility prior to child/children attending the program. Parents must keep addresses, phone numbers and medical information up to date in case of emergency.

Sign In

Parents dropping their child/children must sign their child in daily with the time, child's name, and full signature. Initials are not acceptable as a form of signature.

Transition to School

At the conclusion of program operation, the children will be transferred to the care of school staff.

Parent Involvement

Parents and guardians are welcome and encouraged to volunteer in the Morning Latchkey Program at any time. However, in compliance with state law, district policy, and Salvation Army Child Safety practices, parents must be fingerprinted and background checked. This can be arranged through the Carson City School District offices on King Street and The Salvation Army offices on Colorado Street.


Children will learn respect for each other by the model of the staff, experiences, and discussion. With all behavior issues redirection will be the first course of action by the MLK staff. Each child is dealt with on an individual basis. Each child has the opportunity to express and deal with his/her own feelings. Physical harm to other child/children will not be tolerated. Physical punishment or verbal abuse by the staff is not tolerated.

The consequences for inappropriate behavior such as foul language or harmful physical actions are listed below.  Note: After each period, an opportunity for improvement will be given.

1. First Occurrence:        Discussion with child.

2. Second Occurrence:  Time out and exclusion from current activity and discussion with child.

3. Third Occurrence:       One-day suspension and conference with child, parent, and director.            

4. Fourth Occurrence:    Two-day suspension, and a conference with parent, teacher, Program Director, and MLK staff about possible removal of child from the Morning Latchkey Program. 

5. Fifth Occurrence:        Depending of the seriousness of the incident, or behavior of your child, it will be at the discretion of the The Salvation Army to remove the child from the                                                            Morning Latchkey Program indefinitely


Children with infectious disease will not be allowed to participate in this program. Exposure to infectious disease should be reported to The Salvation Army Morning Latchkey Director immediately. The Salvation Army will notify all parents/guardians if it is aware that a child has been exposed to an infectious disease.


If a child shows symptoms of illness during the program, or if the child complains of illness, parents will be notified. Attempts will be made to contact parent/guardian or designated person and request that the child be picked-up as soon as possible.


1. Necessary first aid will be given.

2. Parent/guardian will be contacted as soon as possible.

In extreme cases the following procedures will be followed:

1. A call to 911 will be made.

2. Parent/guardian will be notified, and physician, if necessary.

3. Staff person will remain with the child until the parent/guardian arrives or further instruction is given.


The Salvation Army will not assume responsibility, nor supervise the administration of any daily prescription medication for a child participating in the Morning Latchkey Program.


Parents are encouraged to either feed their child/children a nutritious breakfast before the Morning Latchkey Program begins or enroll their child/children in the schools breakfast program. 


Because the budget is prepared annually, and personnel are hired for children predicted to attend the center, there will be no deductions for absence due to change of plans, illness, withdrawal by parent, or suspension/expulsion from the Morning Latchkey Program. All concerns should be discussed with the program director.


It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to transport their child/children to School.


Please have your child/children wear weather appropriate clothing throughout the school year.


Parents/guardians are assured that any information they discuss with the staff regarding their child/children, family, or personal matters will be held in strictest confidence.

Download the registration form here.